Minesweeper Classic: Retro (MOD: coins) 1.1.5

About the App
  • Android : 4.1
  • Version :1.1.5
  • Size : 15 mb
  • Views : 2830
Apps category : Mods
Apps type : game

App Description

Probably everyone remembers us as in childhood, when the Internet was turned off, we went into standard games on the computer and played, because they required an Internet connection. One of these games was a sapper game. Many did not understand how to play it, but went into it and tried to figure it out. Therefore, we suggest you download the application “Minesweeper Classic: Retro”, which is completely identical to the sapper that is installed on your computer. This famous game is now available on all Android smartphones.The essence of the application is to sequentially open cells with numbers, using them it is calculated where, is the number, and where is the bomb. According to your guesses, you should check the place of the bomb. If all the flags are placed correctly, and the numbers are open, then the level is considered completed. Our application has many innovations that greatly diversify the game or bring you a whole new gaming experience, not comparable to any other. For each level passed, you will receive coins that can be accumulated and spent in the store. You can buy various skins for numbers, bombs, flags, as well as blast animations. The game has a level difficulty regulator. You can always build a level according to your capabilities, namely it regulates the number of rows, columns, namely.


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